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Whether you consider yourself a garden master or a wannabe green thumb, Skinner Garden Store staff is here to help.

Help you make decisions to crank up your curb appeal or to figure out why your shrub looks like that. Learn to grow things you’ve never planted before.

We can help you with the best practices to get started for optimum results. Never planted roses? We can help. Not sure where to plant that tree or what looks best around the deck? We can help!

Is your favorite shrub appearing to struggle when it should be in its full glory? We can help. Bring us pictures or tell us what its doing or not doing. We have suggestions and things to look for.

No matter the challenge Skinner’s crew is here for you in all matters of the garden. If you prefer the professional approach our landscape designer can draw up a plan for you and our crew can put it in place.

It’s time to get started with a plan and get ready to plant. Come in with your photos and questions and we will help you today!

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